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Setting you up for success.

Our Foundations Program is designed specifically for beginners, allowing you to learn proper techniques and progress at your own pace as you start CrossFit. With a series of four introductory classes running in rotation, you can jump in anytime and be sure you will cover all the basics. If our small group option Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6pm does not fit your schedule you can also book one-on-one sessions at times convenient to you!

Group CrossFit

Fun fitness with friends.

CrossFit has found harnessing the natural camaraderie, competition, and fun of sport or game yields an intensity that cannot be matched by other means. Friends to encourage you during a tough workout, trainers to ensure you perform effectively and safely, varied programming to keep things fresh, all on your way to a fitter and healthier you.

At Apple Valley Crossfit our group classes are all instructor led, ensuring you understand the intended stimulus of the workout and are able to perform it in a manner that best suits your experience and fitness level. Being part of a group provides motivation and encouragement to push through your workout. You will find making a commitment to group classes and being part of the community will help keep you accountable to your fitness goals.

CrossFit for Older Adults

Designed for adults aged 55+

Discover the benefits of an active lifestyle as part of a supportive community with sessions that promotes physical, social and mental well-being! This group has fun working out together using the tried-and-true CrossFit prescription.

Regularly attending classes will result in benefits that transfer to your everyday life.

  • Gaining strength to maintain muscle, enjoy better balance and coordination, preserve bone density and improve sleep.
  • Improving flexibility to better perform daily tasks, decrease injury risk, improve posture and decrease chronic pain.
  • Conditioning and cardio to improve brain and organ function, prevent weight gain, reduce stiffness and improve quality of life.
  • Community for social support, reduced stress, reduced depression and improved memory.

Apple Valley Sweat

Getting started with fitness or starting again.

Apple Valley Sweat is designed to accommodate all ages and fitness levels with cardio & strength exercises delivered in a straightforward and approachable program. Combining minimal equipment and bodyweight workouts, along with mobility exercises, it is an ideal way to get started, or get started again, toward your fitness goals.

CrossFit for Mommy & Me

Moms and babies socialize while getting active and moving together!

Mommy and Me classes offer an environment for both moms and babies to socialize while getting active and moving together!

Designed with mom and baby in mind, classes allow you to bond with your baby, socialize, reduce “Mom Guilt” and improve your fitness!

AVC Weightlifting Club

Improve your Olympic Lifts.

Part of Weightlifting Nova Scotia’s Registered Club Program, our weightlifters meet twice weekly for coached classes along with open gym opportunities throughout the week for self-directed training. If you are interested in learning or improving in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting this program is for you!

Personal Training

Individualized training on your schedule.

Personal training can be the fast track to help you meet your fitness goals. Our trainers are able to work with you one-on-one or in a small group setting if you prefer to train with friends.

Personal training can help you with motivation, confidence and accountability.

Our trainers will work with you to understand your goals and develop a customized program to help you achieve those goals.